About Wiba Anung

Wiba Anung translates to “early star” in Anishinaabemowin and is a partnership between Michigan State University and the Inter-tribal Council of Michigan. The Wiba Anung partnership started in 2005 and involves expertise and collaborative efforts between researchers, parents, early childhood programs and staff, and elders in tribal communities. This collaborative relationship was formed to serve Michigan American Indian children and their families. Work from this partnership includes research, training, and information gathering that are essential for identifying strengths in tribal early childhood programs as well as areas of concern. This partnership is a strong advocate for effective data use that supports the health and well-being of indigenous children and families in Michigan. The work of Wiba Anung is a critical contribution to health equity efforts in the state. This relationship is rooted in regional Anishinaabe cultural contexts and is innovative in its contributions to scientific rigor by highlighting specific mechanisms by which cultural practices support children’s development.

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