13 Moons Curriculum


The 13 moons curriculum was developed by the Wiba Anung team to share the Anishnaabe traditional lunar calendar with families who have young children. Currently, curricular materials have been created to use in home visiting and head start settings. The curriculum shares moon-specific traditional stories, Anishinaabemowin words, and recipes, as well as tips on how to include young children in meal planning, food preparation, and sharing of foods.

We hope that this work will support families in their efforts to guide children in developing their understandings of the cultural connections of the Anishinaabe 13 moons as it relates to seasonality, land, water, the gift of cultural foods, Anishinaabe story, and ourselves.


#Ojibwe (English)
1Onaabani Giizis (Snow Crust Moon)
2Iskigamizige Giizis (Making Sugar Moon)
3Zaagibaga Giizis (Leaf Budding Moon)
4Waabigoni Giizis (Blossom Moon)
5Ode’ imini Giizis (Strawberry Moon)
6Miini Giizis (Blueberry Moon)
7Manoominike Giizis (Ricing Moon)
8Waatebagaa Giizis (Changing Leaves Moon)
9Binaakwii Giizis (Falling Leaves Moon)
10Gashkadino Giizis (Freezing Moon)
11Manidoo Giizisoohns (Little Spirit Moon)
12Gichi Manidoo Giizis (Great Spirit Moon)
13Makwa Giizis (Bear Moon)


#General Potawatomi (English)
1Nmebne Gises (Trout Moon)
2Zisbakwtoke Gises (Maple Sugar Moon)
3Datbegon Gises (Leaves Moon)
4Edemen Gises (Strawberry Moon)
5Abte Nib Gises (Half Summer Moon)
6Minke Gises (Blueberry Picking Moon)
7Wzawbegya Gises (Ricing Moon)
8Bnakwi Gises (Changing Leaves Moon)
9Tekwaki Gises (Forest Moon)
10Giwse Gises (Hunting Moon)
11Bbon Gises (Winter Moon)
12Ktthe Mko Gises (Big Bear Moon)
13Mko Gises (Bear Moon)
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